Arindam Ghosh

Based in Finland

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I am Arindam and I am currently based in Kuopio, Finland. By profession, I am a Bioinformatician currently pursuing my doctoral studies. If you don't find me in the lab, I must most probably be somewhere out in the nature — biking or hiking or maybe simply exploring this beautiful Lakeland and trying to capture every bit of it. Gotta Catch 'Em All! I am originally from Meghalaya in the northeastern corner of India ⁠— another beautiful place to explore. While I have been clicking pictures for a long time, it was only in 2021 I entered the RAW world with a decent mirrorless camera and still trying to figure out how to make my pictures look better. My current photography interests are landscapes and auroras. You can already check them out here or on my social media pages. I hope you love them and do leave some comments on how can I improve.

“Estonia, Talinn”
“Finland, Kiilopaa”
“Finland, Oulu”
“Finland, Kuopio”
“Finland, Kuopio”
“Finland, Kuopio”

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