Jan Hvizdal

Based in Czech Republic


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Hi! My name is Jan and I'm from the Czech Republic. For the last ten years, the road has been my home. For the past few years, I have worked as a guide with dog sleds in the Canadian Rockies and Svalbard. In addition to photography, I am also an expedition guide to Antarctica and several other unique places around the world. Never stop exploring!

* at the end of the blog, a short film about life on Svalbard is waiting for you!

I used to work last four years as a dog sled guide in Svalbard, a gorgeous archipelago 1000 km away from the North Pole. Three months of darkness, polar bears, Aurora borealis and one of the coldest places in the world. That was my playground.
Svalbard is a special place and the light show is sometimes unbelievable. I took this photo at 1 am at the beginning of the season called midnight sun.
One of the coldest nights of my life. I m on the polar bear watch. Very tired after 4 days of dog sledding. Minus 45 windchill, my good friend in the tent, strong greenlandic dogs around the tent and Aurora is on the sky. Those are the moments to live for.
Lovely morning in Svalbard. This Valley is called Reindalen, and 15 strong dogs pull us.
Sled dogs saved my life. I m working with those furry dogs last five years, and the experiences I gained are unexplainable. Passionate, honest, loving - that is how I d describe these heroes.
SHORT FILM: Musher Jan Hvizdal - Svalbard [ENG SUBS]