Jindra Rysavy

Based in Iceland

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Hey guys! My name is Jindra and I’m nature, adventure and lifestyle photographer. I was born and raised in Czech Republic but since 2021 I’ve moved to Reykjavik - Iceland.

With photography I've started at 2018 in Scotland and Ireland, where I went bacpaking for two months and since then my passion for that still have grown and become my profession. The possibility of saving memories and be creative through the pictures simply took me.

I’ve started as a Canon shooter, but recently I’ve changed to Sony Alpha team and I’m really happy with my decision.

I provide a services of photography in action, nature photography. Photos for hotels in their unique landscapes (aparments, food,..), video making and services for bussineses.

I can also provide a photos of products in Icelandic nature for unique content for advertising purposes. I’ve recently started also as a guide through the Iceland.

I love challenges because they are showing what we are capable of. So if you have an idea, we will find a way how to make it real! Feel free to contact me in any occasions, tips, cooperation or advice.


I hope you’ll enjoy my photos as a little taste of my work. You can also follow my journey on Instagram (@jindra_rysavy) and on my website (rysavyjphoto.com)!


Let's work with Jindra!