Kelvin Yuen

Based in Hong Kong


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Kelvin has been professionally working since 2014. In 2015, He won the First-Place winner of the National Geographic photo contest (youth group, Taiwan section) when he was 19 years old. After he graduated from the university in 2018, he started to travel around the world as a full-time Landscape photographer. Kelvin’s accomplishments as a photographer have earned him the title of “International Landscape Photographer of The Year, 2020”
“The International Landscape Photographer of the Year, 2020”
Winning Artwork of the ILPOTY
“Hong Kong is more than a city”
Collection of Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geoparks
Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark is located in the east of Sai Kung. This is a perfect place for landscape lover as different composite appear in the park, like plant, waterfall, milky way. Under different weather condition, you may present a unique moody landscape work.
In landscape photography, we all know Patagonia or Iceland because of the unique landscape. When it comes to “Hong Kong”, the first impression would be the city view of Hong Kong. I want to present to the world “Hong Kong is more than a city”, Hong Kong has unique landscape formation, lots of elements are concentrated in one geopark. You can find giant hexagonal columns, which can only be found in few places in this planet, and you are most welcome to visit this place if you are a landscape lover.
Kelvin’s Landscape
Kelvin’s Landscape
Senja, Norway (2018)
“Create a surreal artwork from landscape photography”
My photography philosophy is “Create a surreal artwork from landscape photography”. I want to impress my audiences not only visually, but also spiritually. When my audiences looking to my works, they feel surreal and at the same time truly believe my works are somewhere on this planet. Most of my works are well planned, from the weather, light angle, foreground and the mood of the final outcome. I love to use the light and shadow parts to direct my audiences to focus on the parts that I would like to present. I will separate out the important elements of a work and edit carefully to make sure the details could be displayed in the best way.
World collection – Kelvin Yuen
Before 2020, my goal was travel as much as I can. As long as I am keeping on travelling, I can create new works. After the pandemic hit the world, I started to think about how I can use those skills that I developed in past few years, and how can I improve more to prepare for my future shooting trip.
In recent, I started to focus on shooting in three systems at the same time, which is one drone, a timelapse system with track action module and one camera for signal photo shooting. At the very beginning, I failed a lot because of the unfamiliarized with the timelapse tracking system. But then, I am now perfect to work three of them at the same time. I can maximize my effort to gain more once I can travel again.
And as the pandemic is still here, I am tidying up my past works with my latest editing style and publishing my first art collection book called Kelvinism. A book that collected all my best work in past few years. This is a small conclusion of my photography. I am ready, and I can’t wait for my next journal.