Middle Eight - London, England


The five star Middle Eight is located almost in the city center. The hotel has an enviable address and is an excellent base from which to explore the city. You can reach many sights, famous places and the shopping street almost immediately. After stepping into this property, a balanced and calm atmosphere caused by fiery elements, pleasant and really very helpful staff will immediately start to affect you. The door of the hotel separates you from busy London and with the subsequent offer of a drink from the staff who handles the accommodation with you, you feel very relaxed right at the beginning of your stay. On the same floor with the reception you can visit a very charming bar, which with an interesting ceiling creates an incredible environment.


The hotel has several rooms, but on the first floor there are huge suites named specifically for a certain area. This suite is named Downtown, a first-class quality, including everything the hotel has to offer. The suite features a minibar, a drink shaker, board games and many books written by English authors. The rooms are built with absolute precision. Next to the bedroom is an outdoor terrace with lots of plants and a glass ceiling, which creates a very calming atmosphere when it is raining, which in England quite often. It is possible to change the colors of the ceiling with LED lights that are controlled by the controller at the entrance. The bed is complemented by comfortable pillows with the highest quality material, everything is adapted for maximum comfort. The open bathroom in combination with white and black marble and gold elements such as a sink or shower create a maximum feeling of luxury. Leaving the wall open will allow you to view the TV directly from the bathtub. In all rooms there are speakers that communicate with both TVs in the suite. All audio, lights and room temperature can be controlled via TV or mobile phone. The last part is a room that I would call a private cinema, a huge television together with speakers, extra comfortable and luxurious couch and gold accessories will create an incredible autmosphere and the connection of watching a film is used to the fullest.


The hotel also offers a fitness area on the lower floor. Of course there is a shower, dressing room and a corner with refreshments, which is always suitable after a hard workout. There is also the possibility of connecting speakers to spotify. The gym is fully equipped, including treadmills, dumbbells, a punching bag and other fitness machines. The look of the gym is completely different from the luxurious and smooth look of the rest of the hotel. The design is designed so that the guest relaxes and conducts fully valuable training.


The hotel restaurant is opposite the mentioned bar. You can choose from a menu containing great, unique dishes with the best ingredients. Breakfast and dinner were a great experience complemented by friendly service. The serving of meals was very professional and the room was turned off only with an illuminated table so the experience was enhanced even more

Panzanella - tomatoes, soaked bread, olives, basil

Nasello alla griglia - Grilled hake, beetroot, radish

Cioccolato e pere cake, vanilla ice cream

Breakfast - Two eggs, pancetta & salsiccia, tomatoes, sourdough toast


If you choose the same option, Downtown suite and use of all services, including room service and dishes in the restaurant, you will definitely not be disappointed. All employees had great behavior towards the guests and it is necessary to mention the lady at check-in, which was very nice and also presented the whole suite including all the features, they also checked the guest's satisfaction by calling from the reception just after the accommodation. The connection of the journey to London with the Five star Middle Eight will leave memories of this beautiful English city even more!