Nikos Panou

Based in Greece


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Hello everyone! My name is Nikos, and I am a Director and Cinematographer from Greece.
Filming anything beautiful and unique around me, is fulfilling and gives me pure joy.
“A natural pool on Ikaria island, Greece”
”Feel Karpathos”
An aesthetic cinematic shot, feels almost like capturing a paradisian bird and observing it forever up closely.
“My Sifnos”
I started experimenting as a teenager. A few years later I directed a music video on a greek island called Sifnos, that won the 1st prize in Greece’s Video Music Awards. The prize was a scholarship for film studies.
“Allegory - The legend of the Blue Jewel”
After that, a couple of creative TV product commercials followed and my first campaign-short film “Allegory”. It was about the myth that follows a historic hotel, in the medieval town of Rhodes island. The short film won the first prize in Dublin’s awards for hotel campaigns - with a story to tell.
Troy Chronicles
I have also directed and filmed several ceremonial touristic events, that were awarded from the Greek Ministry of Tourism as the most successful and profitable events for a greek municipality.
“See you in Chalkis”
Storytelling is my passion and evoking emotion is my main focus in every project of mine. Lately I have concentrated in filming travel campaigns promoting tourism. Who knows, maybe one day I might “See you in Chalkis”… my hometown!
For me creativity is the way I communicate my thoughts and feelings with the world. I hope you enjoy my adventures around the world on my instagram. See you there!