Hotel Imperial - Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic


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This property is located at the top of Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic. The rooms have a view of the whole city, where there are mineral springs.

The hotel is a truly breathtaking residence with a secure car park for guests, a beautiful park in front of the reception. The hotel also has a sports center, which is modernly equipped. Of course there are also tennis courts.

Karlovy Vary is a European city where a number of cultural events are held. Fashion weeks are held here, where there are a lot of celebrities.

There are four seasons in the Czech Republic when it is warm, you can take advantage of the activities in the resort around the hotel. However, if it is the winter season or you are going to visit the hotel for relaxation, the hotel offers many services (massages, swimming pools, saunas, spas). Which we can only recommend.

In the price for each room you get breakfast, which are prepared in the architectural jaw-dropping hall.

All services that the hotel offers (including taking care of your vehicle upon arrival) will definitely not discourage and the hotel deserves 5 stars deservedly. Guest rooms are also equipped with luxurious features at the same time with an old touch. All in all, from a tasteful modern and elegant decor to the prevalence of luxury brands and amenities, Hotel Imperial is a highly recommended place to stay at.