Pantelis Moromalos

Based in Greece


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Hey everyone!

My name is Pantelis Moromalos . I am a landscape photographer from Greece.
Looking back in my life I can’t exactly remember what triggered my need to travel and shoot but I guess somehow it was always there. Since I was a kid I was enthusiastic about wildlife and nature documentaries on television. I create contents for unique nature places, cultures, travel experiences, driving experiences, I try to produce adventure and nature photography for Greece and global market. I feel like there are so many stories to tell through my lens that I can’t leave them unspoken.
When I interact with nature I feel that I get away from everyday life’s anxiety and I can think more clearly and creatively. There is so much beauty out there that I want to immortalize it with my camera. My mission is to inspire people to live more adventurously, try new things, discover off the beaten path places and provide the best tips for their next trips. With your support I would love to share my experiences with travel lovers, discoverers, free souls. Through sharing experiences I would love to show the way of how to travel among unique scenery and easily accessible places and I would love to increase their desire to travel and discover.
I am fun of oranges. I hope you too. Italian Dolomites."
Propably the most beautiful Lake in Italian Dolomites. The name of it is Lake Dobbiaco."
Hallstatt is perhaps the most beautiful example of the many quaint traditional villages waiting to be explored in Upper Austria."
I am sure you know this fairy tale Castle. If not just google Bavaria Castle."
You cant travel to Greece without Visit Meteora."
Visit my IG profile if you like moody sceneries like this."