I am Dominik, founder of Travel Magazine Planetopedia with a focus on digital marketing, content creation and collaborating with luxury brands. In recent years, I have been blessed and given the opportunity to work with many photographers, creators and collaborate with many prestigious and luxurious hotels around the world such as Four Seasons, Shangri-La, Sheraton,.. I have been able to not only turn my dreams of travelling into a reality, but also successfully enter the travel industry throughout social media. Now through all the Planetopedia services I am able to inspire and build an audience in order to provide value to others.

I am Adam Vaughan (aka Vonski), a world traveler, history lover, and Star Wars nerd. I appreciate the chance to show you the world through my eyes. Throughout my almost 3 decades of traveling the world, I’ve experienced so many amazing things and nothing would make me happier than inspiring you. After retiring from the US Air Force in 2018, I went to work at Facebook (now Meta) where I am a senior manager and head the product security division. My focus is on travel destinations, luxury hotels, and elevated dining experiences. Let’s all experience something remarkable together!

Dominik Grössl

Founder & CEO

Fabian Dagostin

Strategy & Technology

I am Mal Dickson, and I’m a photographer and guide living in Norway. I’m originally from Scotland with a background in teaching, research and journalism. A few years ago I took the decision to walk away from the usual career path, and get back to nature. So I ended up in Norway where I went ‘all in’ with the photography and viking history. So, if you want to learn how to shoot arrows, as well as shoot photos, then you know who to call.

Mal Dickson

Community Manager

I am Tycho Sanne Kroner, Born and Raised in Amsterdam. I am tall, have two eyes, one nose, and (usually) clean teeth. I'm a peoples person! And making people laugh is my superpower. I'm very creative, from writing songs, poems, drawing comics, you name it - I do it. I've been working with Adobe Photoshop since 2004 and with Adobe Premiere Pro since 2007. Making websites, surreal art and lot's of video-projects. A big hobby of mine is hosting tourists for free in my livingroom through At the moment of writing I've hosted around 500 people in total. If I feel like it, I guide them through the city (or areas outside the city). During the infamous pandemic I decided to start a YouTube channel about Amsterdam. Combining my two hobbies (Filming&Tourists). You can find me by searching for 'Tycho from Amsterdam'. Hit me up whenever you feel like going to Amsterdam! Especially if you're not too shy to end up in one (or more) of my videos :)

Community Manager

Tycho Sanne Kroner

Fabian Dagostin is a technology entrepreneur and product/marketing expert. He is the CEO & Co-Founder of Raush, the first travel booking system for Social Media that helps travel influencers & brands monetize their travel content. Prior, Fabian founded & scaled Street Life, a digital tour-guide application named by media outlets as the 'Tiktok for travel'. Previously he exited Street Inc, a virality marketing agency servicing the likes of Gucci, Bacardi, Red Bull, (Careem) (and many more/as well as governmental institutions). His products & content can be enjoyed on OSN and Wavo TV networks, Google Arts & Culture and every Emirates Airlines flight. His stories have been broadcasted globally on CNN TV, newspapers like The National, Radio 103.8 and other noteworthy mediums.

Adam Vaughan

Community Manager